Metapos Tablet

Delight customers
Metapos tablet Delight customers

Technology that wins your customers,
reduces costs with waiter staff and
makes your sales increase.


pocket menu

Your menu on the customer's cell phone

Two plans for you to decide which model is right for your restaurant, saving money on the service team.


Why use the Metapos family of products

Designed exclusively for your business, with Metapos products you reduce your expenses, surprise your customers and boost your sales.

Increase your sales

up to40%

in the recipe

Reduce costs

up to50%

of attendance

faster orders

up to20%


manage from everywhere


of time

Advantages of Metapos digital menu

Optimize your wait staff,
eliminating freelancers and avoiding potential labor lawsuits.

Menu updated in real time

Disable out of stock items or add new dishes quickly. This facility generates savings with
paper printouts and keeps the menu always up to date.

Waiter contactless payment

Allow your customer to pay directly from the screen that placed the order, without contacting the waiter or the machine when closing the account.

Savings with staffing

As the customer orders alone, the wait staff can be reduced. Excellent benefit to avoid excessive social contact with those more demanding customers.

understand your clientele

Your customers can rate your dishes and your establishment at the end of each experience. You check everything through the control panel, without the risk of negative reviews ending up on social networks.

Sales Analysis

Get access to a real-time insights panel and discover which items and dishes are the most consumed in your establishment.

Personalized Menu

Leave your menu online with the visual identity of your establishment and your brand. Select colors, textures and enter your logo.

Friendly to the Environment

With the digital menu, you are free of paper and plastic forever, as you no longer have to spend money on printing outdated or damaged menus.


Select the languages ​​that the customer will be able to choose when accessing your online menu. Make your restaurant known for convenience and inclusion.

Digital Menu

Cost reduction with wait staff and increase in orders placed

Perfect for your business

The Metapos was thought and developed for all types of business.

Restaurant POS

Cafe POS

Franchise POS

Bakery POS

Food Truck POS

Fine Dine POS



Metapos Partner

Discover the management systems for restaurants that we trust.

Success Cases

“The wait staff enjoy working with Menu Digital, as it is easy to use and satisfies customers, both young and old, who find the newness of the house surprising.”

Antonio Zanella



Increase your
sales by 40%!

Choose the digital menu that is most relevant to your business. If in doubt, our team is ready to show you the differences between each one.

Metapos tablet

Premium experience that reduces costs and increases sales.

Metapos pocket

Your restaurant's menu directly on the customer's cell phone.